Node Group: Background Control

Background Control


Node Group for Blender Cycles to control a HDR (or Image) Background. Allows to Control strength and color individually for Lights and Environment.

Inside Node Group:

Access with: select Node Group, hit Tab. Two Nodes are Orange, Mapping and Environment Texture. In Mapping you can rotate the Background by editing Rotation – Z. In Environment Texture select the HDR or Image you want to use for Scene Background.


  • Threshold

Set Limit for Light. Greater than this Value is considered as Light, Less than is considered Environment

  • Environment

Set Strength for Environment

  • Environment Color

Set adjustment Color for Environment

  • Lights

Set Strength for Lights

  • Lights Color

Set adjustment Color for Lights

  • Background

Set Brightness of Visible Background


  • Shader

Output Shader, connect this to World output – Surface



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