Theme: b bright


for Blender Theme B Bright

Default Theme for Blender, optimised for dimmed and bright Screens, readability and distraction free working while maintaining maximum usability. 

Main Color is Gray and no fancy Color Pop. The Reason is simply to not affect your Color reception, since your Eyes adapt to Colors. (Very interesting Test you can do, and as well to see a Color in a intensive Way you probably never have before: Take any Image Editor, Blender ones will do it, and make two Images, one Red with R:1.0 G:0 B:0 and one Green with R:0 G:1.0 B:0. Now look at the Green one for one minute, then switch to the Red and look at it. You’ll be amazed on how intensive this Red is, hopefully. At least i was blown away..)

Colors are limited to 0.122 Black and 0.902 White, while the Main UI consists of two Gray, a lighter 0.349 and a darker 0.286 which are mainly used to support the UI to be clear and focused on the working Area, for example Tabs. While Image Editors and such have a dark Background Color of 0.141 for best Image and Color Viewing. Regions are transparent but the Tabs/Header are not (enable Region Overlap in User Pref – System). This allows maximised usability while keep it out of your Way. 

Most Color coding is kept loosely based on Blender Default Theme, so you should “feel at home” right away. There are some exceptions, like the Node Editor or the Movie Clip Editor, where i found either Blender ones stupid (green/yellow Group Node, really? 😉 or it didn’t fit in some way. I’ve introduced also Orange a hell of a lot or you can say as Main Color, since it’s a nice Color (see Buddhists 😉 and it works well with Gray.

Just wanted to let you know some thought’s about it.


Enjoy and please let me know if you see something unpleasant or bad readable. 

(I’ve ditched the B Gray and B Gray Contrast Themes, since i never touched them again since B Bright.)

to install open Blender, go to File – User Preferences – Themes – click Install Theme… on bottom and select files

One response to “Theme: b bright

  1. Thank you Bashi, the theme looks good on my ageing laptop – contrast, highlighted drivers, keys.

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